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Tips on Hiring the Right New Hampshire Family Law Attorney

If you are looking to get a divorce, or even if you are on the fence about pursuing such an action, you have likely asked around the workplace or looked online for a list of potential attorneys to represent you.  Undoubtedly, this process can seem overwhelming, especially since there are many attorneys out there and you may not be familiar with how to choose the right one in light of your individual set of circumstances.   Keep in mind that while most attorneys are capable of representing you, there is no way to truly tell whether he or she is truly your best option.  Meaning, you may have asked yourself the following: do they match your specific personality and are they easy to work with?  Even if they state that they are “experienced” or “skilled,” does that necessarily mean that they have experience handling a case such as yours?  Lastly, will they be responsive and sensitive to your needs, as well as keep me informed during the pendency of my case?

In light of the above, there are several important qualifications that you should look for in finding the right attorney to represent you.  With this in mind, we offer you the following useful tips that you should consider when choosing a New Hampshire divorce attorney:

  1. Work with an attorney who has a significant background in family law.  Only a competent attorney has experience handling all types of family law matters – no matter how complex, and is familiar with the laws, courts and judges in the areas in which the attorney practices.
  2. Find an attorney who can effectively explain the issues in your case in layman’s terms so that you can understand what he or she is recommending and why.  The best attorney is one that takes the time necessary to keep you informed throughout the process and makes sure you know what is going on in your case throughout the entire process.
  3. Only work with an attorney that is upfront about his or her legal fees. While it is never possible for an attorney to give you an exact estimate about how much your case will cost, it is still important to know what their billable rate is, how much your court costs will be, and how much of a retainer they will need to get your case started.
  4. Always work with an attorney who is compassionate, patient, listens to you and addresses your concerns, answers all of your questions, and who makes you feel comfortable, every step of the way.  Every lawyer has a different style of working with clients and that is why it is important to find one that you can get along with and who can meet your needs.
  5. Contact The Crisp Law Firm, PLLC.  At The Crisp Law Firm, PLLC, we have nearly 40 years of experience handling a multitude of different family law cases, from undisputed cases all the way to highly contentious high asset divorce matters involving millions of dollars.  Whatever the situation presents, we will treat you and your case with the respect, compassion and dignity you deserve.  We understand that getting divorce is a difficult process, and as such, we want to help minimize your worries and frustrations to the fullest extent.

Highly Seasoned Concord Family Law Attorneys Serving All of New Hampshire

Having dedicated and compassionate family law counsel by your side can ensure that your rights and interests are safeguarded to the fullest extent.  To learn more about our comprehensive family law services, contact The Crisp Law Firm, PLLC today at (603) 225-5252 or visit us online to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled New Hampshire Family Law Attorneys.   Based in Concord, our firm proudly serves clients located throughout the state of New Hampshire.


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